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Announcing Project Fury

Wednesday, February 19th, 2020

A little over 2 years ago I bought a 1966 Plymouth Fury II as a project car.

My goal is to make a nice, comfortable gas guzzler with some pickup and go.

Front of Fury

So far I have rebuilt the front clip with fresh hardware and repainted with cheap black spray paint (for now).

Engine bay has been cleaned up and removed all old wiring

Original Engine was a Polysphere 318 also known as a wide block. I was told by the previous owner that coolant was seeping into Cylinder 7 when this car was taken out of service. I received most of the engine parts and I do plan to rebuild this engine although I’m not to keen on using the 2 barrel intake or Stromberg WW Carburetor. I’ve been considering stroking it to 402

The original transmission is a A745 3-Speed Manual. Unfortunately I’m not really keen on double clutching nor a 3 on the tree shifter. I would rather lean back than hunch forward. It’s otherwise still in good shape. Might reuse it for another project.

In September 2019 I managed to track down an A833 4-Speed. It came from an ’82 Dodge D100 although the person I spoke with told me it was equipped with a 360, the bellhousing it came with was from a Slant 6.

More pics and videos incoming